Pledge Allegiance Challenge Coin

1.75″ Custom Die Struck
2.9mm Thickness -Smooth Edging
Brass Antique Finish
Packaged within 1 Red Velvet Coin PouchThe United States of America is our home. The American Flag is representative of our home and should be treated with loyalty, respect, and most importantly, Allegiance.


Since we were taught to speak, the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ has been uttered on the lips of children, men, and women alike. Now, more than ever, that reverence and allegiance to the flag is under attack. With professional athletes, elected officials, and other role models turning their backs and taking a knee in front of the flag, it’s more important than ever to not just be outspoken about the Pledge we’ve all taken,
but to take action!

We are Americans and we stand together in Allegiance for our American Flag!

Our Home
That is why we are releasing The Pledge Allegiance Challenge Coin.

Much like many military coins you’ve seen, this coin is designed specifically for U.S.

We are in this together and patriotism is the foundation of this collector’s coin.

Symbolism of the coin:

Six solid lines represent the six white stripes of the American flag
Seven spaces between those stripes represent the red of the American flag
13 stars on the coin signify the 13 original colonies
The Eagle looks to the stars (left); the union
The three stars on the top feather represent the Holy Trinity

Buy your Challenge Coin today for $17.76

Yes, the year of our independence!
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